May 10, 2010

Summer Collection X Four Fins of Fun X Maui Bound

OK. So many happenings and going ons.  First and foremost, Fashionista's Market - The Ultimate Girls Day Out is going on this Sat. May 15 at the Hyatt Regency in Maui starting at 11 AM. Over 35 vendors will be present to outfit you from head to toe. Spas, massage, bar & fashion show will be on site as well. Save big with 30%-50% off Organik guys and girls clothing. This is a one day event, so make every attempt necessary to not miss out.

In the surfing world, Kona shaper Mike Jacobs, has new designs in the modern high performance shortboard realm. This is the Swordfish.

This is my custom Mike Jacobs board called the Dreamweaver. I named it Snooki because it's short and wide. It's 5'5" X 19.25." This is for the summer south swells in Hawaii, which are smaller than our winter north swells that brings the north shore alive. Notice the Seas of Guids doing fistpumps of fury with artwork by Matt Panz.

I love the new Mike Jacobs logo with the shark planer, an essential tool needed for fine surfboard craftmanship.

The base of my custom made Snooki surfboard has an option of a quad or thruster set up. The Organik sticker is placed on the nose for above the lip maneuvers. These fins cost lots of money. It's only a matter of time before I hit the reef and destroy them.

I'm keeping it green with an eco tail pad from OAM, Famous eco wax, Wave Tribe recycled plastic leash and wearing an Organik bamboo t-shirt to keep the sun off my back.

If you missed Iron Man 2, go see it now. Super exciting with lots of action. Sam Rockwell rocks these Initium eyeglasses in the movie.  He's copying my steez.

Cinco de Mayo was extra fun in Chinatown in downtown Honolulu. We started at JJ Dolan's for some NY style pizza that is on point. 2 thumbs up! Then cruised across the street to Bambu Too for $5 martinis and cool ambiance. We sucked down 3 martinis and hit the streets.

3 blocks of Hotel St. was blocked off for foot traffic only. And yes there was tons of foot traffic with bands, DJs, alcohol, dancing and street vendors. 

We ended the night at SoHo and danced away to Acid Wash 80's music in both rooms. Laurens found this Nacho Libre cocktail server and posed. It was a great week and another great weekend to come.

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