Dec 20, 2009

Nature's Wonder

I took a photo of a water spout over the Kona waters today with my iPhone. I was in awe as I witnessed this natural phenomena while checking the surf. This is as rare as seeing the "Green Flash" where a green light flashes as the sun sets over the ocean. So much of the ocean was blasted as this water tornado struck. All of this action lasted for a hot minute. A few hours later, I went Xmas shopping and it was the talk of the town. As you can tell, we don't get much action is sleepy Kona town.

New Organik Press

Organik was worn on the Fox TV show "Til Death" aired in October 2009. Doug was wearing the Organik "Timeless" design on the slim-fit Recycled Crew in Grey in the trailer scene. The new limited edition eco-flops made it Green magazine's Winter 2009 edition.

A Middle East fashion blog name dropped our flip-flops because it's a desert over there. These biodegradable slippahs are selling great in Hawaii. We only had a limited production run made so you better get a pair before they sell out.

US ARTshow

us foundation serves as a platform to further humanity. Aligning with moral universalism and the belief that you are us and we are you. Our purpose is to spread equality laterally throughout all life forms. Giving site specific assistance to individuals, families and to village communities in a closed looped sustainable fashion. Our focus is primarily directed towards water, women, shelter and education. As we feel that these are the structures of society and basic needs to further humanity in a valuable way. Our goal is to become a legitimate voice throughout the world and an agent of social change within the world’s ecosystem.
DreaM. CreaTe. ShARE.

The Green Room: Organik Showroom & Gallery

73-5580 Maiau St. Kailua Kona, HI 96740
January 9th, 2010 7:00pm-12:00am
Support local artists!

Chance Carpenter
Tammie Vieth
Daryn Flem
Noelle Germone
Connor Berrier
Travis Sasaki
Austin Williams
Matthew Ortiz
Roxanne Chasle
Hannah Carpenter

Dec 19, 2009

Bamboo Scarves In Time For East Coast Blizzard

Fortunately, we don't get blizzards in Hawaii unless you're at the top of Mauna Kea during a NE storm. Yes, Hawaii does receive pineapple snow. We just received limited quantities of bamboo scarves in aqua, natural and black featuring the ever-popular, "Swallowtail" design.

These bamboo scarves are lightweight enough to wear in Hawaii, and YES, people do wear scarves in the Aloha State! Bamboo is super breathable and is soft around your neck. Protect YA neck!!!

You will be extra styling wearing your scarf with the matching eco-flops featuring the "Swallowtail" design.

Visit the Organik online store to purchase these limited edition scarves and enjoy FREE shipping.

Dec 18, 2009

Organik Booth CL332• Class@ASR • San Diego • Feb. 3-4

Organik is stoked to be part of the second installment of CLASS@ASR. This contemporary surf, skate & beach fashion tradeshow goes down Feb. 3-4 at the San Diego Convention Center adjacent to the ASR show. The brand exposure is great with the setting resembling a W Hotel lobby combined with organic food, chic decor, martini bar, ambient lounge music, salon, massage therapists all onsite. Don't miss out on this event and visit us to see the summer & fall 2010 line at booth CL332!

Bamboo Scarves featuring Swallowtail design

Our best selling graphic "Swallowtail" is back and printed on bamboo scarves. It's available in black, natural and aqua, exclusively at The Green Room or at select Organik retailers.
Bamboo is a fast growing grass and sustainable because it doesn't require chemicals or pesticides to grow. It's also highly breathable and hypoallergenic. Pair you bamboo scarf witht the matching eco-flops featuring the "Swallowtail" design.
Scarves and flip-flops retail at $30 each or $25 each if you purchase them at the Green Room today!

Holiday Eco-Stocking Stuffer

The limited edition Eco-Flops by Organik features one of our favorite graphics, "Swallowtail." Select retailers in Hawaii and our online store are the only places to purchase these flip-flops made from biodegradable, natural rubber while supplies last. You'll be amazed how comfy they are under your feet. Available in all black or blue with grey strap for guys and girls, the eco-flops make a perfect holiday gift! Get yours now before they run out, no pun intended!

Dec 14, 2009

PHOTOGLASS II & Organik Holiday SALE Dec 18

We had a successful Photoglass event on Saturday with lots of friends, pupus & wine. The artists made some coin by selling prints, photo cards, and wine glasses for the holidays. We debuted our latest creation, the eco-flip-flops. We're holding Photoglass II this Friday Dec. 18 from 5-9 PM at the Green Room on Maiau St. next to Costco for those who couldn't make it to the premiere.

I'm going to Oahu for a few days to catch the Pipeline Masters surfing final at Ehukai Beach on the North Shore of Oahu. I'll post photos soon. Have a great week and see you on Friday at the Green Room!

Dec 6, 2009

Organik Limited Edition Flip-Flop


• 20% OFF


Happy Holidays from all of us at Organik! We'd like to give you a 'lil something something to help you out this holiday season: 20% off + FREE shipping. Visit our online store to take advantage of the 20% savings.
We recommend you purchase a pair or two or three of our limited edition eco-flip-flops available in black or blue. It's a perfect fit for stocking stuffers or under the tree. It includes a natural color drawstring sack so you don't have to waste paper to wrap these biodegradable flip-flops...Keep it clean and green!
Another great gift idea is our popular Beach Bum bag to wrap your gifts in. You can put your Organik bamboo, recycled or organic cotton shirts & accessories inside instead of gift wrapping paper (another way to reduce, reuse & recycle).

Nov 23, 2009

Welcome to the Team

Congratulations to our friend Duane DeSoto on his KITV appearance on Hinano's Standup World Tour. This ain't no Stand Up Paddleboarding AKA. SUP in calm lakes, but in heavy breaks like Teahupo'o in Tahiti known for below sea level waves and life threatening barrels. We collaborated with Duane and his non-profit group, Na Kama Kai, by giving proceeds of the Organik Identity graphic print tee to the foundation.

Na Kama Kai's mission is to empower youth by creating, conducting and supporting ocean-based programs, specifically targeting ocean awareness & safety in order to increase the capacity of youth in the community through cultural & environmental education.

Organik has its first official surf team rider, Erik Funakoshi of Maui. He rips on shortboards and competes on a longboard. With top finishes in longboard contests on Maui & Oahu, we look forward to supporting this young lad tear up the contest and free surf scene. Here's a pic of Eric rocking the Organik Timeless bamboo shirt while placing 3rd in the Open Longboard division in the Local Motion Surf into Summer 2009 at Ala Moana Bowls. Cheers to you Erik and welcome to the Organik ohana!

Formula Blog 2010 Photography Competition

Our friends at Formula are launching in Honolulu on January 30 and are offering a photo competition that is best of all, FREE. Show your skills and win stuff!

Night Market at Aloha Tower • Nov 18

The monthly Night Market at Aloha Tower went off last week with a Tahitian dance contest, music, art installations and fashion show. More vendors were included this go around. Enjoy pics from the fashion show featuring Organik and Shugaz Cutz cut-ups of Organik designer tees.

The monthly Night Market at Aloha Tower went off last week with a Tahitian dance contest, music, art installations and fashion show. More vendors were included this go around. Enjoy pics from the fashion show featuring Organik and Shugaz Cutz cut-ups of Organik designer tees.

Nov 15, 2009

Organik Sample Sale $20

Night Market
November 18
Aloha Tower
Free Parking
Free Admission
Now here's your chance to get Organik clothing at discounted prices. We're having our pre-holiday one-day sample sale at Night Market at Aloha Tower this Wednesday. Our $20 sample sale features previous Organik designs, samples and B-stock.

The one-day sale will also feature 25% off current inventory with limited quantites available including hoodies, yoga pants, hats and t-shirts. Get it while supplies last!

Organik Online Store Updated

We finally updated our online store with sales on our overstock and free shipping on select items. We also freshened up the look of the online store. If your local Organik retailer doesn't have items in stock, you can find some of it at While you're browsing, some of our designs are offered in different colored shirts. Inventory is limited so start your holiday shopping.

Oct 30, 2009

Class@ASR | Sept 10-12

It's been a month since we were at Class@ASR. The Action Sport Retail tradeshow in San Diego is the premiere surf and skate event. It was a whirlwind trip with a lack of photos, but you get an idea of the atmosphere. Class features higher end fashion/street apparel and accessory lines within a chic style setting complimented with a concierge, salon and massage center just next door to the surf and skate overdose. I flew from Hawaii to Los Angeles the morning of the start of Class. I picked up my rental car from LAX and drove straight to San Diego in 2.5 hours just time for the start. Luckily, we have Melissa, our L.A. rep, to thank for setting up the Organik booth the day before. We had a great corner booth location with high visibility and close to the bar with free cocktails. We stayed busy for the 2.5 day event with parties every night and lack of sleep. Class threw the opening night party on the rooftop at Hotel Solomar where I checked in. They hosted an open bar, delicious food with a carving station, DJs and a mermaid in the pool. This party was full of hipsters and partygoers crowded around the bar. When things winded down, off we went to other parties in the gaslamp district of San Diego. It was great to catch up with old friends and surf all over San Diego once the show was over. Next stop NYC.

Oct 29, 2009

Night Market at Aloha Tower | October 21

New look and feel at Night Market@Aloha Tower. It's every third Wednesday of the month from 5PM-10PM, just in case you've never been. It's filled with vendors selling everything from head to toe including food, cocktails, art, salon, massage and featuring a fashion show, live performances and non-profit organizations. Don't miss out on bargains! The fashion show started around 8PM and featured Polynesian performances and a fashion show with Organik men's shirts and Organik women's cut ups by Isidra Suga of Shugaz Cutz. See you on Nov. 19.