Mar 30, 2010

I'm Big in Japan

Our Japan retailer Mili Mili updated their website with new looks from Organik. If you're in Japan, order directly from Mili Mili.

Mar 19, 2010

L.A>Market Week

I flew on a red eye flight Wednesday night from HNL > LAX without getting any shut eye. Brian picked me up at the airport. We arrived at New Mart, went straight to Sway Showroom on the 8th floor and set up shop. Sway is a huge showroom across the elevators with high visibility. It has a comfortable setting with couches, chairs, dressers and all for a homestyle feel. We set up our merchandise and prints in a hot minute.
We got lunch after at Cole's, home of the French Dip. Then, we checked into Stay around the corner. 
After a nap, we went to the Standard for rooftop cocktails with dinner to follow. Brian & I tried to go to Varnish, a speakeasy bar, but the we were too impatient to wait so we had drinks at Cole's instead. After last call, we headed across the street to Las Perlas where Brian had a 400 Rabbits drink.

Mar 15, 2010

New Press in Innov8 Magazine

When you travel inter-island in Hawaii, you're either island hopping on Hawaiian Airlines or Go! Airlines. Go! features smaller planes with no frills except for the hip infiight magazine with a catchy name called Innov8. Come on! Anything titled with numbers is gonna be rad. This magazine is fresh and forward thinking unlike the rest of the inflight mags that are out there. Yeah it features stories and destinations in Hawaii, but also features art and fashion. The current issue features some Organik pieces in the fashion shoot. Check out the magazine next time you island hop or view the digital version here.

Mar 13, 2010

The Hurt Locker Wins 6 Oscars

Congrats to our friend Brian Geraghty for a steller performance in the Hurt Locker, which won Best Motion Picture and 5 other Oscars at the Academy Awards. Brian has been in a ton of other big movies, but his role in the Hurt Locker combined with the talent and direction in the film raised the bar.

Brian Geraghty wears Organik. We did a photo shoot last year in Los Angeles and have great photos to share with you. He's also posted on our website for our latest collection: L.I.F.E. Love is Forever Earth.

Keep an eye out for bigger things from this amazing young talent.

Mar 1, 2010

ASR Runway Fashion Show

Aloha! Brian sent Organik samples in time for the ASR fashion show on Feb 3-4. What do you know! We got our clothing and accessories in the runway show. I just got an email from Class@ASR with a link to the press so view away.Herons scarf/bamboo/khaki
Wave design/ bamboo scoop/ white