Jun 2, 2010

Organik Clothes, Waves, and Summer

Here is Chris Morris, your Organik Rep. just checking in to give everyone our East Coast update. Finally we got that good swell we were all waiting for, with a great overhead south swell, with favorable winds, and finally a water temperature that we don't mind getting beat down in. Everyone was in the water for pretty much two straight days getting barrelled, and finally doing a real bottom turn again (Life is good when the surf gets overhead and offshore). We also kicked off summer with a barbecue at my house, in which I put some blood, sweat, and tears into setting up the patio for a great party spot but don't worry there will be more to come. I want to thank everyone who did come, it was a good way to start off the summer. Then finally, Monday night at JR's we saw our boy Dennis Vosper with his new side project, the band "Killing Legends" blow up the dance floor at JR's. They crushed it with songs from ACDC, the Cult, Joy Division, just to name a few and let me tell you we were all rocking out. It looks like they are going to be there every other Monday, with our local rep. and friend Bret Schilaci blowing up his companies like Nixon and Rhythm as well as myself and Organik sponsoring these nights as well. I will keep you posted on the exact dates, and don't forget to come, it was a great time with good people and a great band. Aloha

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