Apr 12, 2010

Latest Media Info for Organik in New Jersey

Organik will be sponsoring Surf Night at the Langosta Lounge in Asbury Park, right on the boardwalk, this summer, we will keep you posted on the dates. Don't miss it, great prize give aways, surf movies, killer specials, great music and Brian Jones and Chris Morris in person.

Also, Surf taco in Point Pleasant is sponsoring an Organik raffle and prize giveaway, so stop in grab a taco, fill out a raffle card, then go next store to Brave to check out the Organik line on display. Surf Taco in Seaside Park, will be doing the same when they open for the summer so you can stop in there and then stop by Right Coast Surf Shop next store to pick up your Organik Clothing.

Last but not least, lets welcome Shane Capone to the Organik Surf Team, home break Casino Pier in Seaside Heights. Shane is a young kid about 21 who completely rips, what more do you need to know. Stay tuned for Pics, Video, and all that good stuff to come.

If anyone out there has any questions about anything here in New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, etc, please hit me up at Chris@theorganik.com.

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