Apr 24, 2010

Harvey Cedars Beach Replenishment

If you haven't checked out the Harvey Cedars beach replenishment, this is a beautiful weekend to head over. This spot looks like it could be a flat Pipeline with the pool of water on the beach. Afterwards, head down to Tula and check out the latest Organik fashions.
The overall project will pump approximately 2 million cubic yards of sand onto the beaches from 86th Street to Bergen Ave. Work is expected to continue into June due to project delays from all the winter storms.

Surf is shot at most breaks, but the northern end is starting to show some signs of life again. A few more storms and maybe we will have our spots back.
Here is a shot from 2007. Doesn't even look the same...

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GlennK said...

Enjoy your expensive beach it won't last very long though and then millions more will have to be added endlessly. Oh, not endlessly because LBI is doomed with sea rise happening. So enjoy it for a few decades.