Jul 12, 2009

Innov8 Magazine features the Green Room

Our friends at NMG launched a new magazine for Go! Airlines called innov8. It features editorial, reviews, destinations, music, art, Organik's Green Room and everything to do or see while visiting Hawaii.

While island hopping, check out the Green Room located in the new industrial area in Kailua-Kona. It's an art gallery, surfboard retailer & showroom for Organik. The Green Room is an exclusive dealer for Bret Surfboards on the Big Island.

On exhibit at the Green Room are works by Jeremiah Nathan from S.Kona. He was creative director for Deluxe for several years. For non-sk8ers, Deluxe is the distributor for Real, Stereo & Anti-Hero skateboards going back years ago.

Congrats to our friends at NMG for their hard work and networking to make big things happen.
We're looking forward to seeing more great issues of innov8.


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