Jul 27, 2009

Hawaii Conservation Conference | July 29 | Hawaii Convention Center | 12 - 7 PM

The annual Hawai‘i Conservation Conference, presented by the Hawai‘i Conservation Alliance, is the largest gathering of people actively involved in the protection and management of the natural environment in Hawai‘i and the Pacific Region. The conference facilitates interaction among resource managers, the scientific community, and other stakeholders. This is an annual opportunity to share experiences and ideas on a wide range of conservation issues affecting Hawai‘i and the Pacific.

Climate change is a profoundly important topic for Hawai‘i. We are just beginning to understand the magnitude of changes that will impact our lands and seas, water resources, cultural heritage, residents, agricultural areas, and infrastructure. Many of our island neighbors in the Pacific already have been measurably affected by climate change and their experiences presage what's to come here in the Hawaiian archipelago. The conference will highlight the current state of knowledge on climate change impacts and foster a dialogue on adaptation and mitigation strategies for Hawai‘i's natural and human communities.

Organik will be a vendor at the event. Visit us at the Community Sustainability Market, Room 306B and Charlot Courtyard this Wednesday.

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