Apr 6, 2011

Sea Glass Inspiration

Thank you to our Facebook fans for choosing the colors for our summer collection of women's bamboo and organic cotton fashion forward t-shirts: Sirens and Sailors. We're inspired by nature so we chose a sea glass color palette to support our mission to preserve green and natural life. The winning colors chosen by our fans are marine blue, sea green, coral and vintage black.

I've spent many hours traveling to remote spots on the Big Island of Hawaii in search of nature's treasures. There are so many shapes, sizes and colors of sea glass that wash up on the different colored sandy beaches. It's so beautiful to see the contrast of sea glass washed up on black or green colored sand. Sea glass becomes round, smooth and has a frosted appearance as it spends more time in the ocean.

Our cut and sew bamboo t-shirts will be dyed in the sea glass inspired colors using low-impact dyes which have fewer chemicals and require less rinse water that helps protect our environment. Look for these shirts to be released in May with original artwork screenprinted by hand so no two shirts are alike while using water-based inks for a soft hand, vintage look and feel.

We're always trying to make our customers and friends happy by listening to your concerns. Thank you for growing with us as we help make this world a better place in our own creative way.

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Monica Parker said...

Great idea Ed! Love the new color pallet. Think about doing a Sunrise Shell theme too, and contact me for some super nice Sunrise Shells! www.monicabytheshore.com