Mar 18, 2011

R.I.P. Sion Milosky

Being a surfer, I don't think it's ever easy to turn a head when you hear of another surfer passing away. Weather they were a top ASP World Tour competitor, Pipeline specialist, big wave charger, video/photo surfer, or even just one of the locals at your local spot; when you hear of their untimely passing it always hits close to home.
Sion may have only recently started to gain media recognition for his accomplishments in surfing, but for a long time I have always heard his name on the surface...especially when it came to surfing big waves. I've seen photos and video footage of waves he has ridden and 99% of those waves would put fear in any surfers eyes, but watching him ride them and seeing his composure you would think he was riding a wave no bigger than 5ft. It seemed effortless and controlled no matter how late or critical his take offs were. He was truly a gifted person...
More than just a big wave charger, he was a family man raising two daughters with his wife Suzi. From the articles I've read since his passing, it seemed he always made sure his family was taken care of before he went out to surf. My condolences, deepest sympathy, and warmest wishes go out to his family and friends. Sion will forever ride the biggest waves in our hearts and memories and so will his legendary status as one of the premier big wave riders ever. Aloha Sion Milosky

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