Jan 2, 2011


I needed to get out NJ for New Years Eve. The celebration was spent with friends in Brooklyn and Lower East Side starting with dinner at Blue Ribbon. Following dinner, I took a cab to Against Nature atelier for a pre-party. I was in the presence of complete strangers except for the couple I was staying with. The group were complete rockers with everyone being in a band. 4 bands were present at the party and were ready to play so we all bounced to the NYE venue, Home Sweet Home. Again I stood out at the basement bar that reminded me of the punk music shows I used to go to as a kid.
Baby Shake is big in Japan.

The Stalkers headlined the show.

Brooklyn the morning after.

Trains to and from Brooklyn.

Last night spend in midtown Manhattan.

Dinner at Tao.

Central Park view from hotel suite.

It was a busy, event filled weekend. 2011 is starting out great.

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