Jul 25, 2010

Up North

This post is long overdue. July has been a crazy month and this summer is going strong. At the start of July we were in Northern Michigan to visit friends and family and another chance to see the Third Coast. The lake is amazing and the surfers that ride the winter waves never cease to amaze me, even coming from Jersey. I can't imagine getting out of the water due to ice build up. The areas streets, beaches, and waters are full of people that love to play outside.
We saw some amazing sunsets, I was a little late on this shot and just missed the sun as it slipped beneath the horizon. If you get a chance to go, check out Legs Inn in Cross Village, its a great bar with good music and a beautiful view.

The beaches are great for morning walks and jogs, as well as just some quiet time feeling the sand between our toes.

Overall, it was a great time visiting friends and family.

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