May 1, 2009

New Press featuring Organik: & Essence Magazine

Stoked! Stoked! Stoked! The Press Preview in NYC paid off for us. Brian of Organik went to a NYC Press event last week and Organik made instant fans out of editors and writers from local and national media. and were the first to feature Organik in their blogs as of late last week. Look for more press with Organik in national publications throughout the summer.
The Threads From the Earth collection was not camera shy last week during the event as photographers were snapping away pics and interviewing Brian. Interestly enough, the media loved our beach bum bag and bamboo scarves. Oops! I leaked out some top secret information so I'm fessing up. The beach bum bag is a perfect companion for your books, mags, sunscreen, beach towel and water as it's part of our recycled line. The bag along with the bamboo scarves will be available on our website shopping link on May 15.

Get a sneak peek at this link:

Here are the links for the press featuring Organik:


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