Mar 15, 2009

Rock Out w/ Modest Mouse, Mimicking Birds & Japanese Motors

What a night!!! Rockin out in Philly last night.....Just want to give a shout out to Modest Mouse, Japanese Motors, and Mimicking Birds. This has to go on the top of my list as Best Trio. I was a little dissapointed that I missed most of Japanese Motors, but atleast I've seen them at the Beauty Bar in the past while Organik was in Vegas during Magic. Mimicking Birds played great instrumentals and a peaceful voice to match. Modest Mouse-need i say anything; AMAZING!!

The only dissapointment was the rude people in the crowd. I thought this was the city of Brotherly Love??? People should be more into enjoying the show than being miserable and starting fights! Oh well, after dealing with a few clowns in the crowd, we all decided to watch the show from the bar where people were alot more happy and a little more mature... It's a shame 'cause I was really thinking about trying to get tickets to see Bloc Party there next week. Don't get me wrong, Electric Factory is Great! It's just the dissapointing audience that killed my buzz....

Keep on Rockin'
Your supporting fans from Organik

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